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Weather you are a race fan or a potential sponsor, feel free to contact us.

Kent Lay - owner
† Cell Phone:†††† (419) 340-5629
† Home Phone: (419) 836-4065
† E-Mail:††

Lay Racing
17485 W. St. Rt. 579
Martin, OH 43445

Brian Lay - driver
†††††††† E-Mail:†

Jeff - crew cheif
†††††††† Phone:† (419) 360-2302

Jon from Jonís 4th Season with Brian after a win in Berlin

Owner: Kent Lay
Driver: Brian Lay
Crew: Jeff Ansted
†††††††† †Kenny Katifiaz
†††††††† †Jack Bump

Lay Racing

Kent Lay - Owner

17485 W. St. Rt. 579

Martin, OH43445

To contact us:

Home Phone: (419) 836-4065

Cell Phone:††† (419) 340-5629


Racing would not be possible without the help we receive from our sponsors.† Please visit their links in the Sponsors section.† Also, if you are interested in becoming a sponsor, click here.

Lay Racing